Coffee Bean-Indonesia Sumatra (Peaberry) - 100g / box

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Product details

product details


What is Peaberry?

Peaberry is a genetic deformity when, instead of two seeds, a cherry has just one seed, with no flat surface, just rounded on both sides. 5-10% of all cherries are peaberries! Coffee that’s called “Peaberry” indicates that the peaberries have been manually hand-picked from lots during coffee processing, so the clean cup of peaberries is extraordinary.



Sumatra Blue Batak, Indonesia



1400-1450 m





Roast Level

Medium roast


Flavor Description by World Cup Tasters Champion

Ebony, sweetness of dried fruit, chocolate with high quality



Brewing Method

1. Fold filter paper and loading on the filter cup, presoak with hot water then pour out

2. Put coffee powder 20g into the filter cup

3. Presoak with 50g hot water until 30 seconds.

4. Pour into hot water until 300g

5. Drop coffee from 1:20 to 2:00

6. Remove the filter cup when 2 minutes to finish brewing



Without Packages for Environmental Protection
  Remark that you don't need the package when buy the coffee, you'll get an extra piece of drip coffee randomly. (One coffee product only for one drip coffee). Support the environmental protection!




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