Filter Paper Kalita 103

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Product details

product details

Filter Paper Kalita 103

How to Choose Filter Paper

Four features are considered:

1. Durability: Filter paper gets wet when using, if your brewing time is long then this feature must be considered.

2. Filter effeciency: The density and hole size of filter affects the filter effeciency. Through the particle retention test, a range of values can be obtained. The higher the particle rention value, the greater the size of the particles can pass through the filter paper; the lower the particle rention value, then the finer the particles can pass through the filter paper.

3. Capacity:  The accumulation of particles will block the pores on the filter paper. So the more porous seepage is, the higher capacity of filtrate can be.



1. Imported from Japan

2. Made of 100% conifer

3. The bottom of the coffee ground can be fully extracted



The filter paper may differ from the photo, but the product is the same.