Tea Colored Clever Dripper (Include 100 filter paper)

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Product details

product details

Clever Dripper

(Include 100 filter paper)


1. Adjustable concentration of coffee
Brewing 2~4 cups of coffee for one time
3. Imported from America (Tr
itan material)
4. Can use with the water of 110 Celcius (maximum)

5. No plasticizer, bisphenol-A

6. Can reduce the amount of coffee ground's using.

7. Free to use a kettle


Using Method 

The using method suggested by SCAA:
1. Using 90~96 Celcius of hot water, put 2 spoons of coffee ground and 6 oz. (about 180cc) hot water

2. Take off the cover and stir the coffee for 1 time ( the temperature should not be lower than 90 Celcius when brewing)

3. Put the hot water into the dripper, put on the cover and soak for 1.5 minutes

4. Preheating the cup. After soaking for 4 minutes then put the dripper onto the cup

5. The coffee is dripped into the cup after soaking.

6. Enjoy a good of coffee without coffee ground