Bonavita Electric Scale

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Product details

product details


Bonavita Electric Scale


Weighing seems to be very simple, as long as using a precision scale, put up the beans or coffee powder , that's it.

However, when put up the entire set of dripper and cup, and put the water into dripper, while observing the amount of water, this can be a challange.


How to Choose a Scale

A good scale features:

1. Loading capacity: The loading capacity should be enough to put the dripper, water, together with the scale on both easily.

2. The surface area of the scale: Can accommodate a variety of equipment. The increasement of the area, the accurater measurements.

3. Data Loading: When the water pour into the dripper, the weight can be immediately known, response time in minutes and seconds is the key to the process.

4. Sensitivity: The range of meashurements can be light to a few pieces of beans, heavy to the whole set of equipment.




1. High-strength tempered glass weighing platform, easy to clean and maintenance

2. Stainless steel wire drawing body, noble and elegant

3. Multi-function touch digital display, with unit conversion, zero and timing function

4. Blue LED backlit digital display, with precision laboratory-level weight sensor system, is the only electronic scale that response time in 1 millisecond

5. The bottom of the special extension pad design, security, anti-skid, and avoid touching the bottom of the water stains on the table to ensure safely use

6. With 110V-240V universal voltage transformer, can be used anywhere in the world

7. Can also use three AAA batteries, easy to use and carry

8. The maximum weight of 3 kg, is the only electronic that can be accurately counted to 0.1 grams of kilograms


9. The whole machine primary waterproof splash function



1. Model: BV2000SC

2. Rated voltage: 100-240V AC

3. Transformer input: 50 / 60Hz 0.18Amax

4. Transformer output: DC 5V 100mA

5. Product Size: (L) 157 * (W) 204 *(H) 90 (mm)

6. Electronic scale range: 0.1g-3.0kg

7. Range accuracy: 0.1g-500g error of +/- 0.1g, 500g-1000g error of +/- 0.4g, 1000g 3000g error of +/- 1g