Tiamo 700S Electric Coffee Grinder (1/2 pound)

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Product details

product details

Tiamo 700S Electric Coffee Grinder (1/2 pound)

Grinding coffee beans right before brewing is the correct way.

The flavor and fragrance of coffee dissipates slowly after roasting. The contacting surface of coffee enlarges after grinding, and accelerates the dissipation of flavor and fragrance. This can reduce the quality of coffee you brewing. So, choosing a good quality of grinder is one of the key point to brew a good cup of coffee.

A grinder which features of good power and evenly grinding can not only save your time, but keep the flavor of fresh coffee.



1. Alloy steel burrs imported from Italy La Marco
2. Fine and evenly grinding. Not easy to heat. Not destroy the flavor of coffee.

3. Export to Japan, Certified by Japan Agriculture Standard (J
4. 8 levels of grinding speed adjustment(degree of particle size), depends on your requirement to brew.

5. Bean hopper is transparent and removable. (With ground tank)

6. Quietly when operating the grinder (quiet motor). Suitable for house using and small coffee shop.



1. Type: metal、ABS
 Size: (L)200*(W)120*(H)360(mm)
 Weight: 3.3 kgs
 Capacity:225 g
 Precise Fineness System