Drip Coffee-Come True Blend 2017-10 pieces / box

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Product details

product details



Three kinds of Africa beans (mainly for Ethiopia)



1900-2000 m


Roast Level

Light roast


Flavor Description by World Cup Tasters Champion

Blueberry, orange, toffee.



Without Packages for Environmental Protection
  Remark that you don't need the package when buy the coffee, you'll get an extra piece of drip coffee randomly. (One coffee product only for one drip coffee). Support the environmental protection!




All drip coffee are filled with nitrogen inside the foil package.

Filter bags are imported from Japn.

This can keep the coffe ground fresh and highlights the flavor!


※ The amount of specialty coffee is rare, please see the item on the website.

※ We will change the items of products irregularly to keep the quality and freshness.