Payment options

Cash on Delivery

Hand over the cash to the distribution staff when goods receipt.

  * Kinmen, Penghu, Matsu and other islands is not availabe of cash on delivery service tempararily.


Online Credit Card

Come True uses the allpay system, VISA, Mastercard, JCB's credit cards are available.

 * The installment is not available tempararily.


Convenient Store ibon Code

Record the code on the website, go to convenient store to pay the cash.

 * If you chose this payment and not pay for 7 days after order, we would delet the order.


Virtual Account ATM (VAN)

Record the 16 account numbers on the website, go to ATM pay the bill.

 * If you chose this payment and not pay for 7 days after order, we would delet the order.


Anti-fraud reminder


The cases of fraud spread recently, remind you that we will never call you to request the operation of ATM lifted, and ask you to provide credit card information!

Do not easily answer the phone numbers start with "+" since it is usually the fraudulent numbers in Taiwan.


If you have any questions please contact us as soon as possible: +886-4-23011762 or call 165 anti-fraud line.


Come True Coffee

Shipping & delivery

Delivery Period

After your order and check the cash is correct, you will receive the goods in 3 days after order (only suitable in Taiwan). In the case of national holidays (Taiwan) or force majeure and other natural disasters, then extended the delivery period.


HCT Logistics

We cooperate with HCT to deliver our goods now (Taiwan). Other countries depend on.

  * Delivery costs 70 NTD in Taiwan, at least 3,000 NTD then free of delivery. Outer islands, remote areas and area difficult to deliver is subject to charge separately.


Thank you for your order, we will send you the goods as soon as possible~

Order tracking

Order Tracking


After the order is successful, we will send order letter of success, you can track the order according to the information the letter provided.

You can also return to our shopping screen page in the bottom left side of the "check orders", with the confirmation letter on the order confirmation to help you check the progress.



Change Order

This service is not available, if you need to change the order, please contact us: +886-4-2301-1762.

 * Business hours:Monday~Friday 09:00~12:00; 13:00~18:00.

Sales & refunds

Replacement & Return


If you need to change, return, please contact us, let us understand you and the product's situation first.

Confirmed to change, return, we will send logistics driver to get back the goods.


Please be sure the completment of the packagage of products and invoices with the carton, give all these things to the logistics staff.


If you have any refunds, please let us know and we will arrange a refund as soon as possible.

* Contact us:+886-4-2301-1762

 Business hours:Monday~Friday 09:00~12:00; 13:00~18:00.


Certificate of Coffee & Filter Bags

All the filter bags, green beans, roasted beans are tested qualified!

【Filter Bags Certificate】

【Green Bean Certificate

【Roasted Bean Certificate】

Come True Coffee thank you for your cooperation.