Come True Coffee

About Us

    Come True Coffee is the founder's second entrepreneurship. Kuo-Xiong Wang (Endy) - the founder decides to feed back to the community as the corporate creed. He hopes to work through social enterprise - an organization that applies commercial strategies to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being, to creat a new form of charity.

    The explanation of social enterprise, is using business strategies to solve social problems. UK rules that 30% donation of profits can be called social enterprise, but we choose to feed back 50% of our profit to support World Vision Taiwan's Clean Water Projects in Africa, we hope the local residents can get access to clean water. Also get the motivation to live better. The extraordinary flavor of coffee you drink, besides, the feed back impression also reveals inside the cup.


The founder of Come True Coffee (Kuo-Xiong Wang) and the children of Ethiopia.



Certified B Corporation®

  " We have a dream. That one day all companies will compete not only to be the best in the world, but best for the world."

We are certified to be a B Corporation in Jan, 2017 as the 20th B Corp in Taiwan (also the 1st coffee company in Taiwan)

Hope we can be a company that contribute more to community!



The First Well in Zambia Yunge Village

We donated the first well through World Vision Taiwan in Zambia Yunge Village. (2017)

The smile on children's faces reflect your contributions!




The First Experience Cafe in Taiwan!



We Hope

1. We are financially independent

2. We can feed back to the community

3. To become a role model of Social Enterprise in Taiwan



We Do That

    Ethiopia is famous for the quality of coffee beans, and is the home of coffee industry. Through half of our profit back to Africa, local residents can get access to clean water.

    We will keep purchasing coffee beans directly from farmers to offer them better trading conditions: a win-win-win state for farmers, entrepreneurs and consumers. 




The Champions Group

Roaster/Bean Seeker:Shih-Ru Wang - 2011 Roasters Choice 2nd place (SCAA), 2012 Taiwan Coffee Roasting Championship 1st place.

Cupper/Quality Consultant:Pan-Yu Liu - 2014 WCE World Cup Tasters Championship 1st place.

Barista/Director:Hung-Chang Chuang - 2010 ABC Asia Barista Championship 1st place (Espresso & Best Blended Signature Beverage)





Coffee Seedling Project

● Training potential people in Come True Coffee, to influence coffee industry beneficially.

●​ Taiwan Barista Championship (TBC) Sponsorship - 2015 Golden Sponsor, 2016 Silver Sponsor

●​ Using the coffee champions as the teachers

●​ Help the coffee competitors training

●​ Hope to train more people as the influence coffee industry around the world beneficially